Broad Leaf Thyme


My beloved broad leaf thyme aka Cuban oregano, Spanish oregano, or Indian borage. It’s growing so beautifully and abundantly that I’m going to share it amongst friends. It’s a very rich, very strong herb and just a bit of a leaf goes far flavoring a meal. When the sun enters my living room first thing in the morning and sits on it’s leaves it’s magic to me.


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  1. Hi Crystalamina

    Thank you! it was so wonderful to read about broadleaf thyme. I am desperatly looking for this herb. Back in Malaysia, my mother uses it to treat for cough and cold. I am wondering if there is anyway i can get a cutting to grow it here. I am also looking for holy basil. Thanks.

    • Hi! It’s great to hear how your mother uses the thyme. My friends and family, mostly from the Caribbean, use it for cooking. Do you boil it in a tea? I’ve never heard of holy basil. I’ll have to look into it. Where do you live?

      Thanks so much for your comment.

  2. Holy Basil is Tulsi plant as we call it in Guyana, i also have several broad leaf thyme but living in new york is doing much damage to it in the winter so i decided to bring it indoors however i don’t get much sunlight in my room and i have noticed that the plant is getting brown and the soil has a white kind of mold growing on it, any ideas on how to treat?!

    • Hi! I’m not an expert on dirt by any means but it seems as if you’re getting mold from over watering. Mold thrives in moist, warm environments. Break up the top layer of mold. Allow the soil to really absorb the water before you water again. Let me know how it works out. Are you growing any other herbs or vegetables? Thanks for commenting!

  3. I have a broad leaf thyme plant my neighbor gave me a cutting of and Ive been wondering what to do with it. I found another link that says you can make a thyme (mash it into a paste) lemonade or even a ginger thyme tea by boiling both thyme leaf and ginger together for a few minutes. Komala, Im not sure where you are located but Id be happy to share a cutting of my plant with you if you are in NYC area.

  4. Hi ..I got some from my aunt in Florida….now im in the bahamas…I put it in water now the bottom leaves are dying and there are no roots….can I cut off the dying part and replant it In some water,or put it in a pot with dirt????:-(

  5. Broad leaf thyme – great plant. I fertilized mine with a 10-5-10 and the leaves are HUGE. So is the plant. I keep a piece in water in the winter and plant in the spring. Does great. I also use the leaves like lettuce on a sandwich, or cut it up on my food as well as use it to help flavor meats and sauces. Tastes great in sandwiches. Don’t know if it has any medicinal benefits, but it may have, I just don’t know it yet!

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